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The Unfortunate Truth

22 veterans commit suicide every day. Our goal is to limit the number of suicides by supporting Veterans and Military transitioning from combat or active duty to civilian life. If we can support our Heroes and their families we will be able to reduce divorce rate amongst our military along with supporting veterans suffering from PTSD and lower the number of Suicides, 100% of all proceeds go directly to helping veterans.

Fallen Veterans

We encourage anyone to post about someone they know who either died in combat or passed away while home. Doing so, allows them to be honored and remembered for years to come.

MAG JAMES “Tre” Ponder

MAG JAMES “Tre” Ponder

Honoring MSG. James “Tre” Ponder, 36, grew up in Franklin, TN 15 miles south of Nashville, and enlisted in the Army after a few semesters at Auburn University. He was the only son of Jimmy and Rebecca Ponder. He was a husband, the father of two young girls and a...

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Jac Holmes

Jac Holmes

“He went as a young boy and died as a heroic young man”. At 22 years old, he did 3 tours in Northern Syria. He was from the U.K. and fought as an ally and friend with US forces. He was KIA by an IED while clearing mines while on patrol trying to make a safe path for...

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What We Offer

A community for our service members and their families to come together and create camaraderie with other veterans and families. We will have a variety of programs and resources customized for our community. We will also host events throughout the month to allow all of our community to come together and support each other.

Our Service

A Warriors Battle educates United States Veterans and 1st Responders suffering from PTSD about the benefits of alternative methods customized to each individual. We will work through this together. IGY6

Our Promise

Veterans and 1st Responders joining the A Warriors Battle family receive a lifelong commitment. We provide ongoing financial resources and continuous education to ensure our Veterans, 1st Responders and their families will have a place to come to for support.

Our Mission

Our mission at A Warriors Battle is to reduce the unnecessary deaths of United States Veterans and 1st Responders from suicide and PTSD related issues. We provide the resources to pursue a safe, alternative treatment.

Today We Will Lose


More American Heroes
To Prescription Drug Overdose and Suicide

One in Five Veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan has been diagnosed with PTSD

Currently, in The United States, PTSD affects an estimated:

Treatment for Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans suffering from PTSD has cost more than

Our Resources

We strive to provide the most engaging, healthy, and positive activities and events for all veterans. Our goal is simple, give veterans the resources they need to live a healthy life


Experience the healing effects of Jiu-Jitsu with A Warriors Battle BJJ for PTSD program. Whether occasional or regular, exercise plays a key role in relieving mental and physical stress levels.


Yoga provides several health benefits by giving your body the opportunity to repair both your physical and mental state by a series of exercises. Yoga is also used to increase vitality, respiration, flexibility and energy.

Hiking & Outdoor Activities

We love taking our veterans to outdoor activities with others to encourage a healthy lifestyle while providing an exciting way for all of us to get exercise, social interaction, and explore new places in our local areas.

Get Involved With A Warriors Battle

Join A Warriors Battle and enjoy the benefits of our membership while knowing that you are supporting veterans living a healthy, happy life. 100% of all proceeds go directly to helping veterans.