About Me

Christopher Cummer

Chris joined the army in 2001 when he turned 18 years old in August. He had to finish additional school requirements; he was on a delayed entry program set to leave Halloween night. When 9/11 happened, he was sitting at home with his parents when the news came on. This forever changed his outlook on what he was about to embark on. Basic training was in FT Leonard Wood, and we knew we were training to go overseas.

Sure enough, in February of 2003, Chris was sent to Kuwait to invade Iraq with 3rd ID. The night before the invasion, everyone was lined up on the border, watching missiles launch into Iraq. The following months were spent doing missions in and around Saddam International airbase. The missions involved checking homes for ordinances to delivering fuel and providing security for fuel routes.

Once home, drinking became a norm at night. This eventually led to a group of his friends going out one night and getting into a bar fight with some bouncers at a local bar. Due to the severity of the incident, all people involved were arrested and received felonies and jail time. Luckily, he was able to get out of the military before going to jail and keeping his benefits. After getting out of jail, he worked construction and a few other jobs before going to school for Massage Therapy.

After going to school for Massage, he worked for some of the top Chiropractors in Orange County, working with athletes and injuries. No matter how good he became at his craft, he was still dealing with PTSD, and it was only a matter of time before it caught up with him.

After losing his job and getting a divorce, he had started dating his current girlfriend. She brought him to a course based on Emotional Intelligence. Through this program, he was able to acknowledge his blindspots and have breakthroughs allowing him to become a better person and letting go of his frustration and misplaced anger. This did not cure PTSD for him, but it did allow him to recognize triggers and anticipate them, allowing hin to let emotions pass through instead of creating a reaction.

In 2019 Chris wanted to give back to Veterans and 1st responders, so he looked into creating a Nonprofit and ended up teaming up with Operation Compassionate Care in 2020. He was able to develop A Warriors Battle. His vision is to allow veterans 1st responders and their families to come together and create camaraderie. For those looking for further support, we will have Emotional Intelligence, NLP, Emersion Therapy, and other resources available.